Sunday, December 30, 2018

Training volume 2018

This is the seventh year in which I record my training volume meticulously and share it on my blog in one of my first posts of the year. Details can be found in my Garmin account

After declining training volume for 2 years in a row, I wrote last year that one of my goals was to train consistently for a minimum of 7 hours a week, and that I did. I also wrote that that level would be sufficient to allow me to join and finish races up to half ironman distance conveniently. I was very wrong with that. While consistency and the number of training hours are very important, but so is the type of training. I missed to do long rides and runs almost completely, and I got to feel the impact brutally in the most important event I joined in 2018, Ironman 70.3 race in Bahrain, as I described in a previous post (in Arabic, but does an ok job giving you the gist of it if you’re interested). This was a good learning though, and just in time as I am embarking on a new challenge, which is my second Ironman distance race.

In July 2012, I completed my one and only full Ironman distance race. It was exactly on my 50th birthday. In July 2019, my birthday happens to be on a weekend again for the first time since 2012, which meant a repeated opportunity to complete an Ironman on my birthday. So, I signed up for Ironman Hamburg.

Prior to my first Ironman in 2012, I trained on average for about 9.6 hours a week. This was the average from January to July 2012, while the table above shows an average of 6.8 hours/week for the full year. This is because the amount of training dropped significantly after the event. 9.6 hours/week were barely sufficient to complete the Ironman distance. I had to walk for the last 20 km or so. Therefore, I am planning to train at least 10 hours a week this time and focus more on the long training sessions. I’m not suggesting that this is enough, but I’m afraid I cannot do more anyway with the very demanding day job I have.

In preparation for Ironman Hamburg, I am planning to do one marathon at least. I have registered for the Pyramids marathon, which is a no miss opportunity while I’ll be living in Egypt for a couple of years. It may also be the only time I can be there without the annoying souvenir dealers surrounding me. I only have 6 weeks to get ready for a marathon. This is too short, but I hope it will work out. Otherwise, I’m afraid it might become a habit to walk my races. Wish me luck.


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    1. Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it.