Saturday, January 25, 2014

Support Elite Arab Triathletes and Triathlon in the Arab World

Triathlon is arguably the world's fastest growing sport. It is also growing in the Arab world. Arab triathletes lack the supportive environment that allows them to make big improvements and even excel. A look at the ranking list of the International Triathlon Union shows only one or two triathletes from Arab countries, who actually are fortunate to have the opportunity to train in Europe.

This project intends to support Arab triathletes and the sport of triathlon in the Arab world in every way possible. This includes the support of hobby triathletes and age groupers as well as elite triathletes with a chance to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, such as Lawrence Fanous (aka Lawrence of Arabia). Other potential ways of support are:

- providing triathlon specific equipment and gear to Arab triathletes and triathlon clubs (e.g. tri/road bikes, wetsuits, turbo trainers, etc.),
- offering attractive prize money at races in Arab countries to encourage participation
- paying the cost of training camps to enable participation free of charge
- support of participation in races in countries to gain experience and to develop a sense of community between Arab athletes from various countries.

Through their role model status, elite triathletes play an important role in attracting youth to the sport and giving them perspective. Therefore, my belief is that they deserve special attention and support. In their quest to qualify for important races, such as Ironman in Kona or the Olympic Games, elite Arab triathletes face the challenge of competing with professional triathletes from other countries who receive a lot of support that allows them to focus exclusively on their training and performance. Meanwhile, elite Arab triathletes struggle and spend a significant amount of time trying to fund their travel to the qualifying races or a bike that does not slow them down versus their competition, or other needs that will help their training and recovery.

This is only a first attempt to raise some funds for the above mentioned purpose. If successful, I hope to follow with additional requests for specific needs. The amount raised through this attempt will go against supporting the participation of Lawrence Fanous and hopefully one more elite Arab triathlete in a triathlon race in Muscat, Oman. It will also be used for conducting a training camp with Lawrence as the coach.

I am grateful for any amount of support you can provide.

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